Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1st Paper...

mmm..emm..hmm .. baru je lepas 1 paper hari nie..4 more to go..
seriusly aku mcm down skit r ngn paper td.. tp insya-Allah xde pape.. insya-Allah i will pass the paper of Malaysian economy and the other paper..
HR, LAW, OB and INVEST.. huh.. plus2 my MUET..
ape yang boleh aku katekan im a bit frust bila stiap kali im struggling in doing something it won't work as what i wish it will.. xtau myb ade silapnye disitu..but its okay i wont give up!
i will try more harder.. what happen today will not put down my spirit..
I will show to my dad ummi awak n all my family n friends that i CAN DO IT!
Insya-Allah.. Insya-Allah.. Insya-Allah.. May Allah bless me.. :)